DC Comics doesn’t have it easy right now. Ever since Marvel paved the way, DC Entertainment would be following in their footsteps no matter how they sculpted their monstrous movie creation, Justice League. We know who will be our champions, the DC superheroes that will defend the Earth in the upcoming movie, but who will be our villain?

Although many comic book fans will groan over this, DC and Warner Bros are choosing Darkseid as the main villain for the Justice League movie. This is a rather simple character to adapt on the big screen, which is DC’s main advantage. Darkseid has a complicated background, involving trying to take over the throne of Apokolips and going into battle against Wonder Woman, most of that can be compressed into the matter of a simple monologue. Still, that won’t stop many fans from hollering out the fact that DC Comics and Warner Bros are drinking from the same Marvel well in terms of a faceless conquering force descending on the Earth. We understand that it’s difficult to separate yourself from another comic book crossover movie when the previous one made such a huge impact, but at the same time they aren’t really helping themselves, showing that they may more or less be mirroring what we’ve already seen from The Avengers. We hope we’re proven wrong in a couple of years’ time.

If we had a guess at it, what the writers over at Warner Bros must be doing is making their own interpretation of The Great Darkness Saga. Yes, we know that including the whole other-worldly aspect of time and space in comic book movies is now acceptable due to Thor and The Avengers, the Justice League still needs to establish their main set of superheroes. That being said, if they go through with some interpretation of The Great Darkness Saga, then you won’t be seeing anything of Superboy and the 30th Century crew due to unnecessary superhero origin explanation. It’s quite a hassle but DC and Warner Bros wants to get Justice League off the ground as soon as possible, especially since they’ll be going toe-to-toe against Marvel’s The Avengers 2 in 2015.

Do you think the villain should be Darkseid? Why or why not?

Source: Latino Review