The big question this weekend wasn’t if there was going to be a huge surprise out of nowhere success taking the top slot, but what would fall harder: Breaking Dawn Part 2 or Skyfall? Turns out that though Twlight 5 fell harder, it had just enough juice left to stay in the top slot. Take a look.

Film Weekend Per Screen
1 The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 $17,410,000 (-60.1%) $4,344 $254,593,000
2 Skyfall $17,000,000 (-52.1) $4,909 $246,029,000
3 Lincoln $13,509,000 (-47.4) $6,694 $83,698,000
4 Rise of the Guardians $13,500,000 (-43.2) $3,676 $48,947,000
5 Life of Pi $12,000,000 (-46.6)
$4,098 $48,361,000
6 Wreck-It Ralph $7,020,000 (-57.6) $2,274 $158,257,000
7 Killing Them Softly $7,000,000 $2,888 $7,000,000
8 Red Dawn $6,550,000 (-54.1) $2,355 $31,320,000
9 Flight $4,540,000 (-46.3) $1,744 $81,527,000
10 The Collection $3,409,000 $2,430 $3,409,000

After a post-holiday weekend everything collapses, and even the best hold among the older pictures was still off by over forty percent. On top of which the top six all held their positions from last week, so nothing much changed. As you can see Breaking Dawn fell a little over 60%, which is why it seemed like Skyfall might leapfrog back to first place. But that didn’t happen. Next week Skyfall should hold stronger, and may eventually outgross Twilight, but isn’t there yet.

Lincoln is playing exceptionally strong for what it is, and should get to $100 Million easily. A number Argo just crossed, albeit outside the top ten. Life of Pi isn’t as strong, and people seem as divided on it as they were the source material. Even with 3D, it’s likely the film will top out domestically around $80 Million – it should do Flight numbers, though will play much stronger internationally.

Wreck-it Ralph likely wounded Rise of the Guardians, but then again so did the title and the marketing. It’s a film that can’t be saved domestically, but internationally it might have some life in it yet. Best case scenario is they start making money when it hits DVD/Blu-ray/etc.

As for the new pictures, Killing Them Softly was always going to be a film that was too violent for the academy and too weird for the mainstream (I kind of loved it). It was relatively cheap, so this looks like it could be a modest win if it can make it to a $20 Million domestic total. It probably won’t, but the failure is negligible. The Collection cracked the top ten which is more than it seemed likely to do, so that’s a slight win.

Reality Check: The big thing is I thought Killing Them Softly would open a little stronger. Twilight didn’t fall as hard as I thought, so it stayed at the top, but both it and Skyfall, and Lincoln and Guardians were going to be neck and neck, and they were. So I’m happy with my predictions.

What did you watch this weekend?