Fans of AMC’s The Killing, you finally—finally—have something to celebrate.  After getting cancelled by AMC following a mediocre second season, your favorite serialized drama about a town rocked by the death of a teenage girl that isn’t Twin Peaks has finally found a new home… on AMC.  That’s right, despite rumors of Netflix picking up the program, or even DirectTV, The Killing is coming right back to the network that, well killed it.  With Netflix’s help, as well.

Here’s how it works: AMC gave The Killing the axe back in July thanks to a sub-par second season and floundering ratings.  Fans wailed, and Netflix and DirectTV circled the show.  And while AMC has yet to make an official announcement (nor has the reason for the program’s return to the network been made clear) showrunner Veena Sud and executive producers Dawn Prestwich and Nicole Yorkin have begun working on the production for season three, according to /Film.

Moreover, Netflix is going to help shoulder the burden of the program’s licensing costs—so expect the third season to pop up on the streaming service shortly after it airs.

There, Killing fans, are you happy now?  Now can someone please get David Lynch to finish Twin Peaks?

What do you think of The Killing news?