It’s been a relatively big week for Iron Man 3.  Not only did Marvel Studios head honcho Kevin Feige spill some beans related to the film’s content—primarily, the film is not a serious one, despite the fact that, you know, the trailer tries to outdo The Dark Knight Rises’ advertising campaign in the “we’re totally going to murder our main hero” department—but now Marvel has released four semi-spoilery images from the film.  Want to see?  Check them out below.

Or above, since that Iron Patriot image up above is a new one.  Also note that name written on the chest—that’s Tony Stark’s buddy, Lieutenant Colonel James Rhodes’ Iron Patriot, apparently.  We also get a look at Rebecca Hall’s character, a scientist who helps cook up the Extremis project, something that takes up a good deal of Iron Man 3’s plot.  All we get from this image is that she’s been roughed up and likes sneakers.  So there you go.

Elsewhere, you get a fairly bland shot of Robert Downey Jr. puffing the chest out a bit, as well as a shot of a cracked Iron Man mask.  Nothing too Earth shattering, but still an interesting buffet for those of you just dying to see Iron Man 3 (odds are, at least some of you want to see it, even after Iron Man 2).

What do you think of the new images?

Source: Marvel (via /Film)