Every network drama has a few tricks they have to use, sometimes for each episode. While Elementary deals with the occasional formulaic concoction for their weekly mysteries, there’s a lot more going on with its characters. They make the show  more enjoyable as proven in “The Long Fuse.”

The Players:

  • Director: Andrew Bernstein
  • Writer(s): Robert Doherty, Jeffrey Paul King
  • Cast: Jonny Lee Miller, Lucy Liu, Aidan Quinn, Jon Michael Hill, Lisa Edelstein

Episode Title: “The Long Fuse”

When a bomb suddenly goes off, obliterating one floor of a building, Sherlock (Miller) must learn who planted the device — four years ago! At the same time Joan (Liu) struggles to find him a permanent sponsor since she’s a few weeks away from completing her companion run.

The Good:

  • The B Story Line: It’s undeniable that over the last few episodes Sherlock’s gotten used to having Joan around. The two actors have such a firecracker dynamic it’s hard not to smile when they’re having a spat. It’s obvious that he wants her to stay in the picture, or else he wouldn’t be giving her such a hard time regarding a new sponsor. Sherlock’s snide remarks to Watson are the equivalent of a boy throwing sand in a girl’s face. Apparently, it’s the only way he can express that he likes her. Super cute.
  • Captain Gregson: We’d like to give a shout-out to the surprising line that popped out of Captain Gregson’s (Quinn) mouth earlier in this episode. When Sherlock brings in a suspect that ultimately wasn’t guilty, Gregson spouts that he would rather have pinned it on him, even though he didn’t do it. He was the best suspect they had and just wanted the case closed. We like seeing continuity when it pertains to character development in the supporting roles, especially since we got a good whiff of this Gregson in the previous episode. Keep it up!
  • More Early Twists and Turns: Within the first half hour we weren’t sure who was going to be the killer. It was great seeing Sherlock and company go through one suspect after another, only to be proven wrong. We like it when a show keeps us on our toes.
  • Story Interweaving Consistency: Don’t you love it when two good stories fit perfectly together? In previous episodes Elementary suffered from too much bloat, but this week, that wasn’t the case. We got a good dose of murder, which went the way you would expect, and Sherlock subtly trying to tell Joan he likes her around.

The So-So:

  • Same Old, Same Old: Yes, the mystery was clever in regards to how it was handled. Heck, at one point we were hoping that either A) our killer was dead or B) there’d be an additional twist to it. After all, you’re dealing with an old bomb that was suddenly set off years after it was made. We wish the ending wasn’t such a soft one. We would have loved a little more bite. But at least the story had us running from one direction to another.


While Elementary still suffers from minor story bumps, we still love it for the characters. Plus, the writing is continuously getting better.

Rating: 7.5/10

Elementary airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. on CBS.