There was a turf war on this week’s The Big Bang Theory that affected the whole gang in “The Parking Spot Escalation.” Bernadette and Amy took on the duel set out by their husbands and Penny got trapped in the middle. Luckily, Howard and Sheldon battle it out to the end (of the episode, at least).

The Players:

  • Director: Peter Chakos
  • WriterChuck Lorre, Adam Faberman, and Eric Kaplan
  • Cast: Johnny Galecki, Jim ParsonsKaley Cuoco, Simon Helberg, Kunal Nayyar, Mayim Bialik, Melissa Rauch, William Stanford Davis

Episode Title: “The Parking Spot Escalation”

Sheldon becomes upset when Howard’s assigned a new, closer parking space at work. As their antics grow into a mini-war, Bernadette and Amy take up for their men by starting a fight of their own. Raj, Leonard and Penny all attempt to mediate the disagreements.

The Good:

  • Size Matters: The parking spot argument eventually flees from its original ridiculousness to a specific, valid argument between Howard and Sheldon. It focuses itself on the parking space, which becomes the ultimate fighting ring. We love the power-plays between the two, which include pranks, graffiti and nudity! They soon realize that the parking space is just the surface of their disagreement about who’s “the bigger man:” the larger contributor to the science world, and the more honorable.
  • Monsters: Raj’s preoccupation with mummies, vampires, and zombies is funny because many of us are engaged with the heavy infiltration of monsters in the media right now. Not only is it a fun way to comment on the trend, it’s a fresh way of examining the creatures as Raj compares them and Sheldon all shatters his theories.
  • Comedy: This is one of the funniest episodes of the season so far. The situation itself — arguing over a parking spot that Sheldon obviously can’t use — is the precursor to every other joke and twist.

The So-So:

  • We Want More: Our only complaint is that the episode didn’t last longer! Also, poor Penny could have taken less of a beating, but even her pain turns into a positive as she gripes about it later on.

The Quotes:

  • Raj: “Mummies and zombies are the exact same thing.” Leonard: “Oh yeah? Mummies are wrapped in bandages.” Raj: “That’s called a fashion choice.”
  • Sheldon: “Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?…Oh, I’m sorry for your loss. Good night, sir.”
  • Howard: “Meanwhile, you still don’t have a car.” Sheldon: “Don’t try to change the subject. This is about a parking space. It has nothing to do with cars.”
  • Sheldon: “Leonard, you’re my best friend. Why don’t you ever take my side.” Leonard: “Because I can never understand your side!”
  • Leonard: “That only makes me feel sorry for your mom.”
  • Amy: “At some point, they’re bound to lock horns.” Penny: “I’m assuming these are some kind of horns they bought at Comic-Con?”
  • Bernadette: “Gosh, Amy. I’m sensing a little hostility. Is it maybe because like Sheldon’s work, your sex life is also theoretical?” Penny: “Damn.”
  • Raj: “Okay, here’s another one: if a zombie bites a vampire, and the vampire bites a human, does the human become a vampire or a zombie? Or, a zompire?”
  • Howard: “Well, we appear to have reached an impasse. And, you know, I have to say, I thought you’d be more upset that your laptop is sitting on my junk.”
  • Sheldon: “Revenge is a dish best served nude.”
  • Sheldon: “I must be the bigger man. Therefore, you may use my spot until such time that I learn to drive or get a Batmobile.”
  • Sheldon: “This cushion experienced a nude revenge wiggle.” Cleaner: “A what?” Sheldon: “A naked man sat on it.”
  • Sheldon: “I can personally guarantee it has spent less than 20 minutes on an astronaut’s penis.”


Big Bang surprises us in The Parking Spot Escalationwith humor that goes above and beyond. Everything from the situation itself to the way each character handles it is well-conceived. We’re glad the past gripes we had with characterization and awkward dialogue have dissipated.

The Rating: 10/10

The Big Bang Theory airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on CBS.

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