2012 has been a banner year for Nerd-dom—in addition to Joss Whedon essentially overtaking the universe with The Avengers, the James Bond franchise scoring one of its best entries, and news that a new Star Wars trilogy was happening, Bryan Singer announced that he was returning to the X-Men film franchise to direct X-Men: Days of Future Past, the sequel to X-Men: First Class.  Not only that, he’d be bringing with him Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan, who starred as Professor X and Magneto in Singer’s first two X-Men films.  Now, it appears that Hugh Jackman, who starred as Wolverine in the original X-Men trilogy and who had a cameo in First Class, will be joining the X-Men: Days of Future Past reunion as well.

Wolverine is a central part of the Days of Future Past storyline, and so it makes sense that Jackman would now be in talks to show up in the film adaptation; however, as /Film notes, it is unclear how much screen time Jackman will get, though it will certainly be more than his blink and you’ll miss it First Class cameo.

In the comics, the Days of Future Past storyline takes place in an alternate timeline in the future, in which mutants are held captive in internment camps.  One such mutant, Kitty Pryde (who was played by Ellen Page in the abysmal third X-Men film), uses her mind to send for X-Men in the present day to stop the mutant catastrophe.

What do you think of the X-Men news?

Source: /Film