The long-standing, always heated rivalry between Pawnee and Eagleton takes center stage in “Pawnee Commons”, the latest episode of Parks and Recreation.

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The Players:

Episode Title: “Pawnee Commons”

Leslie and Ben meet with an architect from their rival town, Eagleton, about designs for a new park.

The Good:

  • Ben: He was steady and funny in a storyline that wasn’t a slam dunk. When things went sideways a little, Ben seemed to say something, or do something to right the ship.
  • Hell Yeah Brad Hall: Old school SNL in the house! Awesome to see Brad Hall take a break from being Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ husband and show up on Parks as architect Wreston St. James. The guy should act more – he’s funny.
  • Andy/April: The duo team up for the final chapter in the Bret Macklin adventure series. She’s Judy Hitler, so obviously hi-jinks ensue.
  • Wood: Had to enjoy Ron’s stairs to nowhere project for Chris, which resulted in a fine shoe display.
  • Rent-A-Swag: This storyline was good mainly because it featured everyone not named Ben and Leslie. Lots of funny one-liners and moments from Tom, Chris, Ron, and Donna. And the Roomba drops the beat! Nice to see a fiscally responsible Tom in action, even though he needs Ann to help him re-inject his noted swagger back into his new business.
  • Best Moment: April’s goodbye ceremony for Andy’s Bert Macklin, and the paper she gives him that reads: “You Were In The F.B.I.”
  • Best Line: Donna.: “Good use of the word fiscal, Tommy. Very upscale.”

The Bad:

  • Leslie: A touch over-the-top, which is usually the Leslie way. But here it was overboard in her despising of all things Eagleton, and Wreston St. James. Lighten up!!
  • Andy: It’s not often his boy-trapped-in-man’s-body routine gets tiresome, but here it did. Dude, get a grip! But he remains funny as hell.


Maybe the least awesome episode of the season thus far – but still plenty entertaining throughout “Pawnee Commons.” The three story-lines each had some lows to go with the funny highs, and the result is an episode that drops down to a seven on the ratings meter — one of the few times in recent memory an episode has fallen below an eight. Gasp!!


Rating: 7/10

Parks and Recreation airs on NBC at 9:30 pm (ET/PT) on Thursday nights.

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