The remake wheels continue to turn in the House of Mouse as they gear up to breathe new life into the eighties film Flight of the Navigator. While few of you may growl at the fact that this is getting the remake treatment, but the director that’s signed up for the picture may put you at ease.

In comes Safety Not Guaranteed director Colin Trevorrow, along with the screenwriter Derek Connolly. The two have been tapped to do their own take on Flight of the Navigator. This also puts to rest the rumors that have been spreading around like wildfire that Trevorrow was in the running to take on Star Wars: Episode VII. Well at least that’s one more director to cross off the stupidly long list.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the story, Flight of the Navigator is a sci-fi film centering on an eight year old boy who’s transported in the future by an alien ship. When he returns back home, years have passed and the boy has to face reality over what’s changed due to his absence.

It is a rather smart move for Disney to be remaking a movie that not too many people are familiar with. Instead of trying to capitalize on the fact that a possible remake could be profitable due to it’s title alone, like Total Recall or Fright Night, they’re taking a relatively unknown property and putting a new spin on it. Nice move Disney, though you know there still are a few people like myself who hold Flight of the Navigator near and dear to my heart. But if you guys go ahead and release it on crisp Blu-ray sometime soon then I’ll be a happy camper.

Are you looking forward to a Flight of the Navigator remake?

Source: Cinema Blend