Say you’re a basic cable company that deals in primarily rerunning science fiction/ horror films while also offering up low-budget original programming.  You re-brand yourself from The Sci-Fi Channel into SyFy in an effort to maintain relevance and appear hip.  Your next move?  Make a sequel to one of the most colossal bombs (and colossally dumb) of the 1990s.  That’s right—Syfy now has the rights to Waterworld, and is currently deliberating whether or not to film a sequel to the 1995 Kevin Costner vanity project, or to develop it into a TV series.   Because that seems like a good idea.

So…why would Syfy take the story of a half-man/ half-fish who is basically stuck inside The Road Warrior’s that’s been dumped into a giant tank of water?  Well, according to /Film, it appears that Waterworld continues to draw solid ratings whenever it’s re-run on SyFy.  So the network appears to be taking an ‘oh, what the hell’ approach, and assuming the nostalgia for 1990s kitsch will somehow translate into real interest in a Waterworld sequel, or a fanbase that would regularly tune in to see if the Dude With The Gills recycles his own urine into drinking water once again, just like in the original movie.

And, due to a deal with Universal Pictures that created SyFy Films, which grants the network access to Waterworld, we may indeed see such a series of fish-men and pee-drinking very soon.   Should be a hoot.

What do you think of the Waterworld news?