With Thanksgiving weekend just passed, it seems that the studio is slow on their roll with this weeks releases. To wit, there are no big classic titles hitting streets today, but there are a number of recent movies, including the latest Step Up film, Men in Black III, and some of the late summer films. Check it out.


  • Lawless: Perhaps this film will find more of an audience at home, as the film, which stars Tom Hardy, Shia LaBeouf and Jessica Chastain, did modest business when released at the end of the summer. The film, about a bootlegger standoff, hit Cannes where it fizzled. But now it might be a little more fun to watch.
  • Luck: The Complete First Season: It’s funny that they call this the complete first season, as it looks to be the only season. The show got into trouble because horses died during the production, which is – unfortunately – a more common occurrence when it comes to race horses. The show was originally greenlit for a second season, but between sinking ratings and controversy it was scrapped. Too bad.
  • ParaNorman: Of the three ghoulishly themed Children’s movies of the season, this was the first, but box office wise fell in the middle, though word is that it’s rather good.
  • Step Up: Revolution: I make no apologies about my appreciation of this franchise. Look, these films are filled with good dancers dancing, and that’s enough to make it interesting in an era where when studios deign to make musicals there’s rarely in dancing in them. The plots are ephemeral, but the skill on display is timeless.

New (On Friday):

  • Men in Black 3: The disaster that wasn’t, Men in Black 3 was a slight underdog when it hit theaters after a ten year gap between films, and it sounds like it’s not all terrible, and it didn’t lose money. So there’s that. Will Smith returns with Tommy Lee Jones (in what amounts to an extended cameo) to travel back in time to work with a younger version of Jones played by Josh Brolin. Perhaps the lowered expectations tour the film had in theaters means that it will be seen as less interesting at home. That’s the way it works sometimes.
  • Sparkle: The last film of Whitney Houston, Sparkle hit theaters quickly, and disappeared. The remake (of the 1976 film of the same name) follows a girl group loosely modeled on The Supremes on their rise in fame. One can only guess that there are problems along the way and then a happy ending. But that’s just a guess. Also credits. It probably ends with credits.

What are you picking up this week?