Just because The Dark Knight Rises, Christopher Nolan’s third and final entry into his Dark Knight trilogy, was released in theaters months ago is no reason for the film’s marketing campaign to slow down—after all, they have a December 4th Blu-Ray release and Oscar campaign to think about.  As such, Warner Bros. is offering up a peek at the film’s Blu-Ray special features.  Curious as to how Anne Hathaway fit into the iconic character of Catwoman, and her ridiculous outfit?  Watch the video below.

While the short preview of the featurette isn’t overly revealing—you basically get some clips from the film, some members of the cast and crew fawning over Hathaway, and Hathaway herself discussing the physicality of the character and how she chose to portray that—it does serve as a reminder of what a live wire Hathaway was in the film.  If only her 30 minutes or so of screen time could’ve been amped to at least an hour.  But I digress, check out the video:

Pretty basic behind the scenes stuff, but then most of the special features on a Nolan home release tend to be of that very basic and nuts-and-bolts ilk.

Will you be purchasing The Dark Knight Rises on Blu-Ray?

Source: Batman News