While Warner Bros. and DC Comics are obviously keen to develop as massive cinematic tentpole franchise in the vein of Marvel and Disney’s juggernaut of Avengers-related releases, a big question concerning WB’s The Justice League is whether or not it would link up with Zack Snyder’s upcoming Superman film, Man of Steel.  Initially, Snyder indicated that his Superman would not be the same one featured in The Justice League; now, however, it appears that may not be the case.

In a recent interview concerning the film, Snyder attempted to be vague when answering questions concerning the future of the Superman franchise and its connections to the Justice League, but he still managed to let a few things slip.

Concerning a possible Man of Steel sequel, Snyder noted that “there are a lot of gears that have to turn in the world of commerce and the world of the mythology we create to facilitate more adventures for this character,” and that “we approach the film as a single endeavor.”  Translation: if it makes a ton of money, there will be a sequel.

More interesting, however, was his response to how Superman would be handled in The Justice League:

I don’t know how ‘Justice League’ is going to be handled. Honestly, I don’t. “But ‘The Man of Steel’ exists, and Superman is in it. I don’t know how you’d move forward without acknowledging that.

He also dropped this interesting tidbit when asked if he would mind Man of Steel taking place in a larger DC film universe, a la Iron Man in the Avengers franchise:

Um, how can I answer that? I can’t really say anything to that, because that’s a big spoiler. I will say, yeah, they trust me to keep them on course.

Second translation: Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel will likely be the first major film in The Justice League continuity.

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Source: /Film