With a five day opening for the new pictures, and with a holiday weekend  for the rest, it seems like Thanksgiving in America (at least this year) meant going to the movies. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 still won, but there are good things to say about most of the new pictures and their numbers. Mostly.

Film Weekend Per Screen
1 The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 $43,070,000 (-69.5%) $10,582 $226,951,000
2 Skyfall $36,000,000 (-12.4) $10,210 $221,720,000
3 Lincoln $25,020,000 (+18.9) $12,398 $62,178,000
4 Rise of the Guardians $24,025,000 $6,577 $32,607,000
5 Life of Pi $22,000,000
$7,581 $30,150,000
6 Wreck-It Ralph $16,760,000 (-9.8) $5,143 $149,512,000
7 Red Dawn $14,600,000 $5,360 $22,000,000
8 Flight $8,600,000 (-2.3) $3,260 $74,880,000
9 Silver Linings Playbook $4,623,000 (+943.6) $12,597 $6,451,000
10 Argo $3,875,000 (-4.2) $3,088 $98,114,000


Twilight 5 is down nearly 70%, which means even with the holiday cushion it was all about people who rushed to see the conclusion, but as the picture is nearing $600 million worldwide it should already be in profit and then some. It may crumble even more next week, so it’s possible that the stopping point will be $270 or $280 Million domestically, but next Friday brings only one wide release, so there’s that.

Skyfall is now quite clearly the biggest Bond of them all (unadjusted), and – actually – once you adjust for inflation, it’s at the number #4 spot. Adjusted numbers show that You Only Live Twice made $285 Million, so it’s possible that this James Bond could enter the top three adjusted Bonds (but because of reissues and popularity, there’s no way it can crack the $500 Million plus made by Thunderball and Goldfinger). Internationally Bond is closing in on $800 Million, which means that a billion isn’t out of the question.

Lincoln went up, which means that it’s now very likely the film will cross $100 Million, and as the Oscar race congeals, it’s quite clearly in a strong position. Other Oscar pictures over the weekend: Silver Linings Playbook, which expanded well, and Argo, which should cross $100 Million sometime in the next week.  And then there’s Life of Pi, which did… okay. Better than expected, but it’s still an expensive movie. So what’s a win? Over $100 Million? That’s possible. But it doesn’t feel like a contender.

Rise of the Guardians should have clobbered Wreck-It Ralph. It didn’t. And that’s why it wasn’t as competitive for the top spot as it looked like it should have been. I don’t know if DreamWorks cracked the marketing on this one, as word was it’s pretty good, which makes the $32 Million all-in for the five day look pathetic. Especially compared to Wreck-It‘s opening weekend, which was to $49 Million over a non-holiday weekend. Perhaps international appeal, and thematic connections to Christmas could keep it floating. Wreck-It is now nearing $150 Million, which means that it’s possible it could get to $180 Million domestic, maybe more.

Red Dawn making $22 Million is the best possible outcome for this picture, which was locked up in MGM’s latest bankruptcy problems, and sold off. Flight is now supposed to have cost $31 Million, so that means it’s already in the black. But you know, those numbers are always questionable. Hitchcock opened in limited release to the highest per screen averages of the weekend, but that’s not really telling. It needs to expand and expand well.

Reality Check: This big thing was I thought Guardians would be more competitive. Skyfall plateaued, Lincoln went up, and Pi did a little more than I predicted. All in all, not terrible.

What did you watch this weekend?