Thanksgiving is a special time of year were we bond with loved ones, share what we’re grateful for and take part in publicly acceptable gluttony for one day. And nothing says family like an embarrassing and deeply personal fight. Movies know that, and have filmed a number of uncomfortable family confrontations. Here’s our list of some of the funniest and worst Thanksgiving dinners to ever happen in the movies.

#5: Spider-Man

Don’t you hate it when somebody figures out your secret identity right at the start of dinner? In Spider-Man, poor unknowing Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire) accidentally reveals himself as a superhero in front of Norman Osbourne (Willem Dafoe) during the start of their cute Thanksgiving dinner. It’s too bad he snaps and leaves the party early, making everybody wonder what’s wrong with him. Oh well, surely Aunt May’s turkey was good enough for them to get their mind off the fact that Spider-Man just revealed himself to the Green Goblin.

#4: Jack and Jill

Jill (Adam Sandler) is one of those family members that you wish you could hide in a closet and never let out. It’s not that she’s a bad person, but she is overly annoying and has no filter when it comes to speaking her mind. Jack (Sandler) falls into a predicament where his loudmouth sister pretty much ruins a Thanksgiving dinner in Jack and Jill. Jill spends much of the dinner unintentionally insulting the dinner guests, which makes it awkward for everyone, especially the audiences who wasted their time watching Sandler do the laziest drag imaginable.

#3: Son-in-Law

The Thanksgiving dinner that’s nearly ruined due to family problems is the epitome of holiday movie climaxes. Son in Law doesn’t shy away from the predictable when an ex boyfriend of Rebecca Warner’s (Carla Gugino) shows up for Turkey day trying to make the Warner family hate her faux finacé Crawl (Pauly Shore) by suggesting that Crawl cheated on Rebecca. When Crawl is proven to be innocent, the Warner family and Crawl are brought closer together, including grandpa Walter Sr. (Mason Adams) who says a few cheesy lines that shows how “hip” he is. Son in Law isn’t particularly a bad movie but  what makes it interesting now is that it’s a time capsule movies, cocooning itself in pastel nineties attire (which – strangely – is starting to make a comeback).

#2: Bean

We’ve all struggled with cooking that perfect meal, especially if we have to make it for our family. Somebody should’ve told Mr. Bean (Rowan Atkinson) to sit down at the dinner table rather than try, keyword try, to cook the Thanksgiving turkey himself in Bean. The results are a botched dinner, and pieces of what used to be a microwave. You can’t cook a turkey in a microwave like that. That’s just silly, as you can see in the clip below:

#1: Home for the Holidays

Tensions can be high during a holiday meal, which what makes this dinner scene in Home for the Holidays so great. Due to an unfortunate turkey carving incident, it starts with gravy stains on one member’s dress, which leads to a huge fight  that should familiar to anyone who’s had a less than pleasant Thanksgiving. But director Jodie Foster doesn’t strain for pathos, as there are few laughs in watching this family ruin a turkey. And Foster’s cherry on top is having family member Robert Downey Jr. take pictures in commemoration of the awful event.

What’s your favorite Thanksgiving Day Scene?