Tuesday, Happy Endings was firing on all cylinders. “More like Stanksgiving” focused on the holiday and how the group originally came together. Without giving too much away, it was the best episode of the season (so far).  So what made last night so great?

The Players:

  • Director: Jay Chandrasekhar
  • Writer: Leila Strachan
  • Cast: Eliza Coupe, Elisha Cuthbert, Zachary Knighton, Adam Pally, Damon Wayans Jr., Casey Wilson

Episode Title: “More Like Stanksgiving”

As Dave attempts to force his Navajo Thanksgiving down everyone’s throat, Max breaks out the tape of his and Brad’s run on The Real World: Sacramento.

The Good:

  • Pilgrims Steal Everything: For every major holiday there’s a know-it-all ready to teach you its true meaning. For Thanksgiving, that person is Dave, the 1/16th Navajo party pooper. His eagerness to feed into his Native American illusions cause him to be robbed by—who else—pilgrims. Wandering the streets with no money, Dave experienced the struggle. It’s tough to say which is worse: thinking a few hours of ostracism is equal to the entirety of the Native American plight, or that none of his friends realized he was missing.  
  • Saboteur: The truth can’t be denied: Penny’s feelings for Dave are deep and they’re real. Since her flame for him has burned for 10-plus years, it’s a shock it took a clip from the Real World confessional for Alex to get the hint. Watching Penny bumble through her Vanilla Sky excuse was just as hilarious as Alex’s sex swing confusion. The showrunners made it clear that Penny will get a serious boyfriend this season. It’ll be interesting if the writers don’t address those “crahzah” feelings for Dave first.
  • Accidentally in Love: Hindsight is 20/20, and it’s never clearer as when splashed across a TV screen. Scathing commentary from behind confessional walls have become a pinnacle of reality television. Imagining how the injured party would react to the slurs is the best part. Obviously, Brad and Jane’s terrible slights were a clear illustration of how much damage idle comments can do. Luckily, they recovered. They’re relationship is the greatest accident ever conceived. It’s right up there with Slinkys, Play-Doh and penicillin. 
  • The Real World: Penny said it best; The Real World is the glue that brought the group together, even though they never talk about. What didn’t that blast from the past give us? Penny was another victim of “The Rachel”; that haircut was bad for everyone. We already knew Jane was a Gwen Stefani disciple and Brad had locks. Looking back at your younger self is always enlightening, especially when you’re recollection is a complete fallacy.Max was sure he’d get to see his powerful out-and-proud moment, only to be made aware that it was dashed by a gluttonous chicken. 
  • Rock Bottom Remainders: It’s a completely real band made up of extremely famous authors.
  • The Kerkovitch Way: Last season a whole episode was dedicated to Jane’s trickery. Last night, all we needed to see was Jane switching out Alex’s turkey to know her treachery is alive and well.

The Quotable:

  • “Fun factoid; at the time of the first Thanksgiving our Serbian ancestors were having a Thanksgiving of their own. They were thanking God for sparing them from them wolves and giving each other the plague.”
  • “Reading sucks, TV rules!”
  • “There’s so much sex and, uh, it’s all hetero.”
  • “I cannot stand that Jane chick. Kerkovitch? More like Kerko-bitch.”
  • “I guess a lot of people are learning stuff about people based on stuff they heard in the past. Or should I say the stuff is out of the stuff bag.”
  • “You don’t want to make me angry dude. ‘Cause when I get angry, I get naked and when I get naked, I fight.”


Everything about “More Like Stanksgiving” worked. Every character was hilarious; as usual Dave and Alex were funnier apart. Hopefully, the writers will pick up on that sooner than later.

Rating: 10/10

Happy Endings airs Tuesday nights at 9:00 p.m. on ABC.

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