It’s that most wonderful time of year again–when we desperately claw, scrape, and outbid others in a harried attempt to buy gifts for our loved ones, Black Friday.  Except, Black Friday is now Black Every Single Day Of The Week Leading Up To Black Friday, meaning that there are a bevy of early deals for shoppers to take advantage of.  Today, we’ll be looking at the deals that may appeal to the cinema/ TV show enthusiasts on your shopping list–exceptional deals on films, TV show collections, and box sets.  We’ve provided several lists below–simply click on the title you like and–voila–you’ve nabbed a steal of a gift.  Because nothing says the holidays like a TV show about a fast food chain owner and a former high school chemistry teacher trying to murder each other over meth profits, or a box set about sentient monkeys overtaking the Earth.  Enjoy!

Movies and TV Shows:

Note: Unless otherwise noted, film prices refer to the Blu-Ray format only (seriously, it’s almost 2013, just buy a Blu-Ray player already).

Film Box sets:

TV Box Sets:

$3.99 Films

$5.99 Films

$14.99 3D Films

What did you buy?

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