Thanksgiving is nearly here, and there are a lot of things to be grateful for in the world of movies and television. We all like to poke fun at Hollywood for some of the crappy movies they invest in, and also some of the unfunny comedies that are still airing on TV, but the truth is we love this stuff. It’s why we write about it. Thanksgiving is about reflecting and giving thanks, so that’s what we’re doing this week. This year there’s been some great movie adaptations, more than a few ballsy TV shows and tons of badass action stars, all of which deserve our gratitude. So here are some movie/TV-related things that we are thankful for.

10. A Villainous Leonardo DiCaprio

It is about time Leonardo DiCaprio played an epic villain, don’t you agree? He’s a fantastic actor, but his resume is lacking some serious evil. Sure, his characters are not exclusively good, but they aren’t exactly villains either. Quentin Tarantino is making this man a straight up bad guy, the worst of the worst – a ruthless slave owner with disgusting dental hygiene. This is, obviously, just one of the many reasons we’re excited and grateful for Django Unchained.

9. The Forthcoming Adaptation Of A Confederacy Of Dunces

John Kennedy Toole‘s A Confederacy Of Dunces is the comic masterpiece. There’s a reason why this film hasn’t been adapted yet. Maybe it’s because some of the other actors who were once set to play Ignatius J. Reilly, died, or maybe it’s because Zach Galifianakis was born to play this role. We chose to believe the latter.

Sure, a great amount of fear did enter our hearts when we heard the news about this holy book being adapted to the big screen, mainly because Hollywood is an evil machine that churns out horrible adaptations. But there was also a great deal of hope and excitement because if there’s anyone who should play this extraordinary character it’s Mr. Galifianakis.

8. Tina Fey And Amy Poehler Are Hosting The Golden Globes

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, two of TV’s funniest women people, will be co-hosting The Golden Globes come January 13. Fey’s photobomb must’ve really impressed the Hollywood Foreign Press because they said goodbye to their host of three-years – Ricky Gervais – and hired this dynamic duo of awesome ladies. We couldn’t be happier. Between their comedic chops and excellent chemistry, we’re sure The Globes will actually be entertaining this time.

7. Homeland (And Claire Danes’ Cry Face)

Mad Men is still great, but Homeland is the hot new girl in town. The show has everything – unreliable narrators, CIA operatives, terrorists, counterterrorists, angsty teenagers, unfaithful husbands, and, of course, Claire Danes, who just happens to have the best cry face ever. The show swept the Emmy’s earlier this year, ending Mad Men‘s best drama winning streak. The second season of Homeland has been intense, and we’ve been grateful for every single second of it.

6. Lena Dunham’s Girls

Lena Dunham‘s Girls is literally the best thing ever. Her HBO show is hilarious for its sometimes clever, most times embarrassing and selfish characters. But Girls is also unlike anything else on TV because it’s honest. This show is not like Sex And The City. The characters are not fabulous and fat-free. They are flawed, young, real and stupid.

Girls is part of this very slim category of shows that depict the lives of young people realistically – My So-Called Life and Freaks And Geeks are also in that category. Thankfully, Girls will have a longer life-span than said shows.

5. The Perks Of Being A Wallflower Adaptation

Oddly, The Perks Of Being A Wallflower is one of the best films of the year, thus far. Stephen Chbosky, the author of the book, managed to write a screenplay and direct a film that totally captured the core of what his novel was about. Chbosky never sold the rights to his book. He wanted to bring this story to life himself, and 13 years after MTV published his book, he did. Not only did he write one of the most beloved coming-of-age novels, but he also managed to make a heartfelt and sincere film out of it. Basically, we’re grateful that the movie was as good as the book.

4. Sam Mendes’ Bond

Sam Mendes is the first Oscar winner to tackle a James Bond film. His Skyfall is among the best-looking films in the long-running series, thanks to cinematographer Roger Deakins. People will always argue about which actor makes the best Bond or which film is the best of all, but we’re just thankful Skyfall wasn’t another Quantum of Solace.

3. The Humor In The Avengers

One of the reasons The Avengers worked so well was because it was funny. The superhero film thrives on jokes, clever one-liners and colorful references, despite being about fighting evil doers and whatnot. Everyone got the chance to contribute a laugh (or twenty), and that’s all thanks to Joss Whedon‘s witty script. There’s no need to have super serious superhero films all the time. After all, most of these guys are running around, saving the planet, in tights.

2. The Impending Return Of Arrested Development

Here’s one promise President Barack Obama kept – he’s bringing back Arrested Development. We asked, he delivered. No, but seriously, the Bluths are coming back, thanks to Netflix. The streaming media site is giving the hilarious, short-lived series a second chance, and we’re intrigued to see what the fourth season will bring.

1. No More Twilight

Twilight is over. After five years of insanity, we non-Twihards don’t have to put up with bad chemistry love triangles anymore. Sure, the vampire/wolf saga will still be talked about years from now, but for now, we are very grateful that the franchise is on its way out. So, Happy Thanksgiving ya’ll!

What are you grateful for this Thanksgiving?