With Thanksgiving this Thursday, there’s a paucity of new releases, partly because sales are going to be all about the discounts and deals that come with Black Friday. So there’s one new movie that’s actually pretty entertaining (The Expendables 2), one of the most famous bombs in the history of cinema, and a box set featuring most of the films of one of cinema’s greatest working directors. So, for an off week, it’s not bad.



  • Cinderella II: Dreams Come True / Cinderella III: A Twist in Time:  I guess parents buy these for their children or it wouldn’t a be a mini-industry. You can’t watch the classics all the time, but still.
  • Heaven’s Gate: Criterion is releasing one of the most infamous flops in cinema history, a film that has long had a cult following that wished to repudiate the film’s critical and commercial failure. Michael Cimino directed the film, which stars Kris Kristofferson and Christopher Walken in this version of the end of the west.
  • Tarantino XX: 8-Film Collection: Okay, all the films in this set have been released before, but there’s now two bonus discs of supplements all about (but it seems not featuring) Quentin Tarantino. This is the sort of thing that makes sense if you haven’t already been buying the films as they’ve come out, but I guess it’s good if a parent buys it for you (or you haven’t already picked them all up.
  • That’s Entertainment! Trilogy Gift Set : For musical number fans, the That’s Entrainment films are closest we’re going to get to seeing a number of films on Blu-ray, so there’s great value in having this set, even if it is – essentially – a clip show. When they’re clips as great as these, who’s complaining?

What are you picking up this week?