As the Twilight franchise comes to an end the final movie, Breaking Dawn – Part 2, made a crap-ton of money this weekend, but not enough to set any records (it isn’t even the highest opening weekend for a Twilight film). Oh well, the makers are going to have to settle for a crap-ton of money.

Film Weekend Per Screen
1 The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 $141,300,000 $34,717 $141,300,000
2 Skyfall $41,500,000 (-53.0%) $11,840 $161,337,000
3 Lincoln
$21,000,000 (+2,123.9%) $11,831 $22,419,000
4 Wreck-It Ralph $18,312,000 (-44.5%) $5,056 $121,479,000
5 Flight $8,615,000 (-41.7%)
$3,298 $61,336,000
6 Argo $4,070,000 (-38.5%) $1,842 $92,022,000
7 Taken 2 $2,100,000 (-47.7%) $1,018 $134,624,000
8 Pitch Perfect $1,260,000 (-51.0%) $1,123 $62,000,000
9 Here Comes the Boom $1,200,000 (-52.4%) $889 $41,019,000
10 Cloud Atlas $900,000 (-66.1%) $978 $24,894,000

With its $141 Million three day, Breaking Dawn – Part 2 numbers are just below the opening of New Moon. But the franchise doesn’t make a lot of sense numbers wise. The only film to crack $300 Million is Eclipse, which has the lowest three day, but it also opened on a Wednesday. This may also be the lowest grossing sequel, as it’s likely that – even with a holiday next weekend – the film will drop heavily because anyone who wanted to see it saw it. But as the fourth book was split into two movies, and with the international numbers at nearly $200 Million, the film is already in profit.

Skyfall held reasonably well and should pass Quantum of Solace by Tuesday to become the most successful Bond film ever (unadjusted) in America, and is already the most successful worldwide (unadjusted). With a holiday cushion next weekend, $200 Million isn’t going to be a problem, but it’s hard to know if it will go much higher.

Lincoln‘s expansion was solid, though it’s hard to know how it will play here on out. If awards and reviews make it the big buzz awards contender, it could get to $100 Million, though right now a $60 Million cume is likely. It all depends on the legs. Wreck-It Ralph is about to have direct competition, so  $150 Million looks like the stopping point, which means it’s a modest win for Disney due to cost. Flight has been playing well enough, which means that an $80 Million total is going to be the end game. It’s possible the film could do some business internationally, so it should make over $100 total. Argo should be able to limp over $100 Million, though it may get re-released if/when it gets nominations/awards.

There’s three wide releases next weekend, though it’s hard to say how big any of them will be as Life of Pi, Red Dawn and Rise of the Guardians aren’t franchise pictures, though Guardians is an animated film opening on a holiday weekend, so it looks like the strongest of them.

Reality Check: I went high on Breaking Dawn and low on Lincoln.  So there’s that.

What did you watch this weekend?