The premise is somewhat hackneyed. A hard-assed FBI agent and a rogue cop are partnered together and don’t get along at the start. But wait, there’s a twist: They’re both women. Still, with Paul (Bridesmaids) Feig behind the camera, and the two women being Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy, the trailer for The Heat looks kind of funny.

They seem to go through some of the same moments of any buddy cop comedy. There’s the initial dislike, and then bonding, which then leads to them looking for sex. And though we know Melissa McCarthy can be funny, it’s nice to see Bullock returning to her lightly comedic routes. She was really good as the charming ditz in a lot of her movies from the 90′s, and though she’s playing a harder version of that, it’s fair to say she knows her way around a joke. Here’s that trailer:

The film is due out April 5, which almost seems like a strike against the film, but the way the business model has changed, it may not be a bad place for the film. With March now a launching pad for some of the biggest films of the year, and with the last week fo April now seen as a possible launching spot, April may not be the dumping ground it was ten years ago.

Are you sold on The Heat?