Seriously, is anybody surprised over this? The Twilight franchise has been a box office force to be reckoned with every year a new movie comes out. Now we’re in the middle of the opening weekend for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2, which means the franchise is finally coming to an end. So yeah, expect Twilight fans of all ages to be flooding movie theaters nationwide as they get their last glimpse of Bella, Edward and Jacob for the next couple of weeks, as made evident from last night’s midnight box office results.

You want to know how much this sucker made? Of course you do. Breaking Dawn – Part 2 raked in an estimated $30.4 Million, breaking the previous midnight opening record held by New Moon at $26.27 Million. At the same time the first showings for Breaking Dawn – Part 2 took place at 10 PM on Thursday, so they got a little bit of a leg-up when it came to the previous entries in the franchise.

Breaking Dawn – Part 2 has been predicted to make an estimated $140-150 Million, whereas ScreenCrave predicted that it could easily take home $160 Million by the end of the weekend. We all know how rabid the Twilight fan base is, so if you’re looking to stay away from this particular breed of movie-goers then you best steer clear from movie theaters for the next week. That is unless you like seeing Twilight fans getting overly-dramatic over a fictional story, in which bring out your cameras because after some of these screenings end there’ll definitely be a couple of girls crying over the end of this franchise. While they sob over the ending of the supernatural romance story Comic-Con fans like myself are rejoicing over the fact that they’re not going to be infiltrating Hall H anymore.

Are you going to see The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 in theaters this weekend?

Source: Cinema Blend