Tonight’s Grimm is a real doozy. It’s the Fall finale, which means conflicts are going to boil over. That includes the unexpected love triangle between Nick, Juliette and Captain Renard. The latter two are fighting their mutual attraction, while Nick is none the wiser. Earlier this week, ScreenCrave participated in a conference call with Juliette’s portrayer Bitsie Tulloch about the impending fallout and Adalind’s return.

Tulloch on the triangle no one saw coming:

Bitsie Tulloch: You know it was funny when we read that we were going to be love interests. He and I [Sasha Roiz, Renard] were dying because we’re like best friends. So we were just laughing like so hard like, ‘Oh my God, this is going to be kind of weird because we’re so close.’ And it was definitely like a lot of giggling and sort of like this is strange, the first time we had to do a kissing scene.

About those stolen kisses between Juliette and Renard:

Bitsie Tulloch: Well basically, you know, the reality is they’re both inextricably connected to one another and they both don’t understand why. I mean he probably has a better understanding of it just because he’s more within that sort of Grimm world. And, you know, he obviously had agreed to do the purification rite so that he would be pure of heart when he kissed me. But I don’t think he fully understands like what’s going on now as far as this intense attraction. And it’s not getting any better, it’s just getting worse and worse and stronger and stronger. So I guess what I could say is that you haven’t seen the last of that yet.

Who will spill the beans about their tryst? Monroe [Silas Weir Mitchell] or Juliette?

Bitsie Tulloch: I think Juliette, you know, for the most part she’s been fairly honest and straight forward in as much as she can be knowing that there’s so much that she doesn’t know and there’s so much that she’s not let in on. The reality is she doesn’t necessarily feel like this behavior is becoming to her. The reason that they show up in the spice shop is that Captain Renard calls Juliette and says ‘I know a way we can fix this.’ And she’s like ‘Fine, okay. Let’s fix this otherwise we are never seeing each other ever again.’ She is having a little hard time fighting it but she doesn’t want this to be going on. And then when she turns around and sees Monroe, she knows Monroe. She knows Monroe knows her. And she’s also aware that Renard is Nick’s [David Giuntoli] boss so now all of a sudden it’s just this tumultuous state of affairs.

Where do the fans stand? Team Nick or Team Renard?

Bitsie Tulloch: I would say 75 percent are Team Nick — maybe 70 percent Team Nick, 25 percent Team Renard. And then I’m having a lot of Team Monroes thrown in there. So that was kind of interesting. And then I was shooting last week with Bree [Turner, Rosalee] and I was like screw the boys. There should be a Team Rosalette. She was like, ‘Yeah!’

On playing an amnesiac:

Bitsie Tulloch: It’s been hard. It’s certainly a harder storyline than I had last season… For her to wake up and just have to play it as if I was just meeting this guy for the very first time was interesting. All of the things that you use as an actor to find chemistry and everything, you sort of have to subdue all of that so that you’re coming to it with a blank slate because her mind is kind of blank right now with regards to Nick. So it’s definitely been more fun for me, everything that’s going on this season and obviously getting to make out with two sexy guys as opposed to just one is never a bad thing.

Where does Adalind’s return fit into all this?

Bitsie Tulloch: Adalind [Claire Coffee] is just back to wreak havoc everywhere she can. And she’s trying to avenge her mother’s death. How much I play into that storyline remains to be seen, but obviously, based on last week’s episode, it’s coming to a place where they’re going to have to talk about what’s going on. But the reality is Juliette just doesn’t understand what’s going on because she’s under a spell and doesn’t know she’s under a spell because she kind of just woke up one day and started having these intense feelings about Captain Renard.

Grimm airs Fridays at 9 p.m. on NBC.

Whose team are you on? Nick, Renard… Rosalee’s?