Arnold Schwarzenegger is in the midst of a full-blown comeback into action films–and the good folks over at Lionsgate are taking full advantage of that fact and exploiting it in their final poster for what hopefully will be some mind-numbing fun in The Last Stand

Personally, we were fans of the first poster that showed Arnold standing upright, ready to face a day with what we’re assuming is filled with bloodshed and defeat from anybody facing him. Even when the first trailer came out, movie-goers squealed with glee when Schwarzenegger stepped out and began kicking ass and taking names. But this poster? It looks like Schwarzenegger is emptying a bushel of bullets into anybody who thinks that he should stay retired. Actually, if we didn’t know any better, it looks like Johnny Knoxville laughing at the tag line for the poster. Either that or his character is a sick man who loves to see tons of carnage.

The rest of the cast for the Jee-woon Kim picture includes Jaimie Alexander from Thor fame, Forest Whittaker, Luis Guzmán, Genesis Rodriguez and many others. The story centers on a small-town sheriff (Schwarzenegger) who retires in a small town after screwing up his last mission with the LAPD. Unfortunately for him this town is about to get a rude awakening from a drug kingpin and his goons who are trying to make their way across the border. Before he knows it, the sheriff is teaming up with the FBI in order to help them with their last-ditch effort to capture this criminal before he’s out of their jurisdiction.

Yeah, we know at this point you’re interested, so if you want to see The Last Stand check it out when it comes out in theaters on January 18, 2013.

Are you going to see The Last Stand when it’s out in theaters?

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