In “Leslie vs. April”, the mentor is drawn into political battle with the protégé over a dog park in the latest edition of Parks and Recreation.

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The Players:

Episode Title: “Leslie vs. April”

April tries to get a dog park built at the infamous “pit,” while Ben considers a new job.

The Good:

  • Ben: Lots of very-employable Ben in the episode, which is always a good thing because the guy is damn funny. Actually a plus to see Ben without Leslie by his side. Also enjoyed his asking Tom about when that show on A&E about storage unit auctions in on.
  • Tom: Two equally funny lines: “So that’s a no to me on all fronts?”, “If it isn’t Mr. Looks and Professor Books”. There were also no R. Kelly lyrics in his start-up business mission statement.
  • Andy: The shirt comes off moment towards the end was funny. His interrogation of Jerry, with the empty folder, was well played. Very funny.
  • Jerry: Awesome. The greeting this guy gets when he enters the room with April, Leslie, Ron and Ann is great.
  • Donna: She had the best line (see below), and again, even showing up for less than a minute is still enough to be an episode highlight.
  • Human Farm: Totally down with the farm, especially April’s cool shirt to show her support.
  • Ann: Loving the ska band/shooting heroin visual she comes up with in the potential dog park (from hell) she, April and Leslie check out.
  • Best Moment: Let’s go with the episode tag when Ben quits his new job on the first day – again.
  • Best Line: Donna.: “I took my talents to South Beach.”

The Bad:

  • VP: Joe Biden takes a break from his role as the president’s goofy sidekick to show up on Parks and Rec this week. Had they unleashed the man and let him go the full goofy, things might have gotten interesting. Sadly, his appearnace in the cold open did zilch. Still not finding the humor in Leslie’s deep-rooted love for the bombastic VP that the show feels it must bash me over the head with every few episodes.


Aside from a blah cold open, which, let’s hope, is the last in a string of moments designed to highlight Leslie’s bizarre love affair with VP Joe Biden, “Leslie vs. April” is a winner episode. Everything worked, nothing slowed down the momentum, and the show continues its streak of being totally awesome and not sucking at all like other shows every week.


Rating: 8/10

Parks and Recreation airs on NBC at 9:30 pm (ET/PT) on Thursday nights.

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