Is Netflix the new HBO? It could be. The home video rental agency that destroyed Blockbuster has been pursuing online shows as part of its Netflix Instant lineup. First there was Lilyhammer, which didn’t get much traction, but in February we’re getting House of Cards from the studio Media Rights Capital, which stars Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright, and comes from executive producer David Fincher, who last we heard directed the pilot. And then later in the year we’ll get that Arrested Development season. Good times. But here’s the trailer for House of Cards.

In it, Spacey plays a political operative who was promised a position in the presidential cabinet, but it looks like he’s denied, and so the first season looks to be him trying to maneuver the press and the politics to get him that job. Wright plays his wife, and it looks like there’s some slightly familiar faces in the rest of the cast. Here’s that trailer:

It’s worth noting that the Washington Post operative is played by Kate Mara, sister of Rooney Mara, who broke through with her performance in Fincher’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Fincher has now worked with both sisters. And though Kate had a moment where it looked like she might be the next big thing, it looks like that’s the role her sister seemed to get instead. House of Cards hits Netflix February 1, 2013.

Will you watch this because of David Fincher? Or Spacey? Or at all?