Okay, we all know what Chris Hemsworth looks like as Thor in Thor: The Dark World, but what our terrifying new villain Malekith the Accursed? We know who’s playing him, the super talented Christopher Eccleston, but what does he look like? We may be looking at him from a distance but Marvel Studios gives us a first look at the latest villain to shake up the kingdom of Asgard.

If you’re not familiar with the Thor comics, Malekith the Accursed is a villain you don’t want to mess with. When he first appeared in the Marvel comics, he teamed up with Loki and tries to cover the Earth in ice, among other horrible things. At one point he even disguised himself to be the new king of Asgard, but was eventually found out and defeated by Thor. At the same time he’s a dark elf so he’s got plenty of supernatural powers including teleportation and shape shifting. He’s a very dangerous foe but in some way, shape or form Thor’s able to defeat him. We wonder how tricky it’ll be for Thor and company to try and take him down especially with a whole Dark Elves army behind him.

Ever since Christopher Eccleston was first announced to be taking on the villain role, we’ve been crazy excited to see what he looks like. That and we’re monstrous fans of his role as the 9th Doctor in Doctor Who. For some reason the Dark Elves’ costume kind of remind us of sleek Predator armor. It must’ve been the dreads ponytail. Maybe we’ll get a cool close-up image of Eccleston as Malekith sometime soon, since it looks like half of his face looks like it’s covered in ash. Thor: The Dark World will be out a little less than a year from now, November 8, 2013 to be specific.

Source: Coming Soon! / MTV Movies