Last night on How I Met Your Mother, the autumn of break-ups came to a close. “Splitsville” focused on the end of yet another coupling while new sparks flew for others. Most of the show had the energy and fun we love, but something was off.  

The Players:

Episode Title: “Splitsville”

Barney takes over when Robin can’t break it off with Nick. Meanwhile, Lily and Marshall are in serious need of some alone time.

The Good:

  • Gypsies: It’s hard to imagine breaking up with someone already distraught and crying—especially when that someone’s a man. We all knew the Autumn of Break-Ups meant the end of Nick on HIMYM. Too bad we’re losing him right when he gets amusing. He thinks gypsies are in the same class as unicorns and dolphins. (That’s right, he doesn’t know dolphins are real.)  He wears his shoes on the wrong feet when he plays basketball. He once ate a vanilla scented candle. He has no idea that his name is synonymous with a cut or scratch. The best moments weren’t only attributed to his lack of intellect, but the gang’s jokes about his empty brain. Farewell Nick. You were, “hot as lava and just as thick.”  Good luck on Revenge.
  • The Eriksons: Marshall and Lily continued their reign as best couple. Their lack of time to copulate had them using their excess energy in different ways. Marshall—a man who used to have to catch his breath while making a sandwich—turned into a workout junkie. Lily dug into her bag of tricks and pulled out the sex starved side of her character. It’s not the first time the writers have played that card.

The So-So:

  • Hopelessly Irretrievably in Love: Barney’s passionate plea for Nick to release Robin was beyond moving. Since we know he and Robin make it to the altar, his claim of “broing” her out was flimsy at best. It was a dash annoying to have the moment of reconciliation dragged out even farther. Hopefully, the writers are setting us up for a bigger payoff later. Just not too much later though.
  • Almost Isn’t Enough: Last week we wanted to see each character play a significant role in the episode’s plot. This week, Ted was a fixture, but not as relevant as everyone else. Aside from pointing out Marshall and Lily’s need for quality time, he just contributed a few jokes at Nick’s expense. 

The Quotable:

  • “Every time I go after a busty dumbard that can’t tell time or thinks I’m the ghost of Leonardo DiCaprio. I’m shallow, but somehow it’s okay for Robin to date a guy who can’t be trusted around light sockets.”
  • “If I don’t give you a little push you’ll let this drag on until Nick can have sex again, and you’ll be right back to procrastinating on all fours.”
  • “His groin will heal and before you know it you’re marrying a man that once ate a vanilla scented candle.”


This should have been a perfect episode. Robin ended things with Nick, Lily and Marshall found time together, and Barney confessed his feelings. The only problem that comes to mind is a need for something new and different. The people still addicted to HIMYM are seasoned fans. From the slap bet, to the suits musical, to the countdown episode, viewers are well versed in all the writer’s tricks. It’s time to come up with new ones to satiate our hunger. Without them, the fan base is sure to dwindle.

Rating: 7/10

How I Met Your Mother airs Monday nights at 8:00 p.m. on CBS.

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