Now that Anchorman 2 is gearing up for filming at the start of early next year, we’re getting little sneak peeks at what we should expect from the upcoming comedy. Here’s a hint: it might involve a couple of more musical numbers. 

While being interviewed, director Adam McKay revealed a couple of things that we should be on the lookout for in Anchorman 2. The first of those is that the musical numbers will be doubled in the sequel. You remember the Channel 4 News Team’s cool rendition of “Afternoon Delight,” right? Of course you do. Well there’ll be a lot more where that’s coming from, especially since they were planning to turn the sequel into a Broadway musical at some point.

Then he continued on to speak about the news team’s challenge of handling 24 hour news. Did we mention that Anchorman 2 gave the fatal blow to the possibility of Step Brothers 2 for now? Well it did sadly. Oh stop your pouting, which one of the two would you want a sequel for more? Step Brothers 2 or Anchorman 2? We’d imagine you’d lean more towards the latter, which is what the studio big wigs did. No need to fret, it’s not like Step Brothers 2 might never be made. It probably will one day. It’s just that we won’t be seeing that happen anytime soon… along with a rap album. We want John C. Reilly to rap some more!

We were literally going to go do Step Brothers 2. Paramount wouldn’t make Anchorman 2, we had tried a couple of times, I talked with [Will] Ferrell, he wanted to do Step Brothers 2. We love that movie Step Brothers, it’s one of the funnest ones we’ve ever done, and one of the craziest we’ve ever done. And we’re like, ‘Yeah, let’s go do it,.’ But everyone kept saying to us Anchorman 2, Anchorman 2 and I’m like, ‘Look, before we go do [Step Brothers 2] let’s just make sure we try everything.’ Literally our managers and agents were like, ‘It’s a waste of time, they’re not going to do it.’ I’m like, ‘Just check one more time so I know it’s 100% .’ And it so happened they had a movie fall out, and they went back and they were like, ‘Yes, we’ll do it.’ And we were completely blindsided. We had no idea they were going to say that. But it was a good problem to have.

Now that we’re just merely a couple of weeks from the start of filming, we’ll probably hear more casting news pop up before the end of the year. Since everyone and their mothers love the hell out of Anchorman, we wonder what kind of A-list comedic actors will pop their head into the sequel for a cameo. And we dare them to try and top Tim Robbins‘ cameo as the curly afro public news reporter. We know that McKay’s already talking about bringing out more spectacular cameos to play a few real-life anchors who were popular back in the day. There’s already been interest from some of the cameo actors to reprise their roles, which more than likely will happen. Color us excited!

Are you looking forward to Anchorman 2?

Source: Slashfilm