At this point, between a pretty heavy trailer and what seems like a near-continuous onslaught of spoilers this summer, you may think you have most of Iron Man 3’s plot mapped out.  Then comes a day like today, with an ever more surprising array of details from the film’s plot leaking out.  So, be warned, there are major Iron Man 3 spoilers ahead—turn back now if you don’t want things ruined for you.

Iron Man 3 is only just wrapping up principle photography this week, and the spoilers are still coming in, thanks mostly to Simon Philips, Marvel’s president of International and Consumer Products.  Philips gave a presentation in São Paulo recently, and attendees were reportedly hit with a wealth of information about the film.

As io9 notes, the first major spoiler given concerns the scene in the trailer in which Tony Stark is lying on a hospital bed.  As many have guessed, in that scene, Stark is being injected with the Extremis virus, which will “allow Tony to put parts of multiple Iron Man suits together.”  It is also noted that the film will present 16—count ‘em, 16—new suits of armor (“including some classic armors from the comics”) being held in a “Hall of Armors” owned by Stark.

Next up?  It appears that Gwyneth Paltrow’s Pepper Potts will even be getting in on the suit action—her character will get her very own suit of armor, and will “take part in some fight scenes.”  So there you go: 16 new Iron Man suits, Tony’s got Extremis, and Paltrow’s set to become the newest CGI’d Marvel warrior.

What do you think of the Iron Man 3 spoilers?