You always wonder how child stars are going to turn out. When people start at a certain age, they’re obviously not done growing up, so it could go either way, and on top of which, sometimes what makes a child actor appealing as an eight year old is exactly why they’re no longer attractive twenty years later. But who would have thought that Daniel Radcliffe would grow up to look like Jon Hamm? The resemblance isn’t great, but that’s the premise of A Young Doctor’s Notebook.

And this British mini-series looks to make a strong impression with its casting. Radcliffe is still trying to navigate acting in a post-Harry Potter world, but he seems committed to the art, and this looks to play on his strengths. Jon Hamm is one of those actors who emerged fully formed as a sex god with Mad Men, but has been more interested in doing comedy work of late (like in Bridesmaids or on 30 Rock). Here Radcliffe stars as a young Doctor who’s visited by his older self, with the older version struggling with self doubt as he looks back to see how he can move forward. Here’s that trailer:

The show is scheduled to air in England on December 6, and we wouldn’t be surprised if it gets picked up stateside shortly. With these two attached (even with Hamm in what looks to be a smaller role), it’s definitely something a number of fans will give an episode or two.

Who else would have been a better fit for an older Daniel Radcliffe?