Bond is back so hard you guys. Skyfall ended up making $90 Million in America over the last couple days, which puts it on track to make more unadjusted money than any previous Bond movie. Quantum of Solace, the current record-holder, topped out at $168, and that sounds pretty doable. In fact, it may be close to that next weekend.

Film Weekend Per Screen
1 Skyfall $87,800,000 $25,050 $90,000,000
2 Wreck-It Ralph $33,056,000 (-32.6) $8,810 $93,690,000
3 Flight $15,100,000 (-39.4) $7,377 $47,770,000
4 Argo $6,745,000 (-33.9) $2,441 $85,711,000
5 Taken 2 $4,000,000 (-32.4)
$1,608 $131,287,000
6 Here Comes the Boom $2,550,000 (-27.7) $1,248 $39,061,000
7 Cloud Atlas $2,525,000 (-53.1) $1,248 $22,712,000
8 Pitch Perfect $2,504,000 (-18.3) $1,800 $59,030,000
9 The Man With the Iron Fists $2,490,000 (-68.5) $1,330 $12,718,000
10 Hotel Transylvania $2,350,000 (-46.7) $916 $140,904,000

Skyfall is also on pace to be the most successful James Bond film ever worldwide, as it is currently at $518 Million, and the current record holder, Casino Royale, is at $594 Million. It’s a big, big win. Though it should take a hit next weekend, it’s still only up against the new Twilight film and the Lincoln expansion, so the film should clear $200 Million domestically, and could get close to a billion worldwide. That, though, is a little harder to guestimate.

Otherwise, there’s not much to report. Flight held well enough and is on pace to do $70+ million, Argo is going to get over $100 Million, which would make it the most successful Ben Affleck-directed film. Wreck-It Ralph isn’t done yet, but $150+ Million is the likely end total. Here Comes the Boom has quietly made $40 Million, which is more than one might think and Pitch Perfect played, while Cloud Atlas died a quick and painful death.

Reality Check: I went a little low on Skyfall (though higher than many), as I thought there might be a lower ceiling. Otherwise, no embarrassments.

What did you watch this weekend?