It’s been a very long week. And yes, it’s because we had an election. Thankfully the shameless ads and debates are over, and we can go back to watching to TV like normal people. This week in entertainment news, Nicolas Cage was officially cast in The Expendables 3, except it was all untrue. Sly Stallone debunked the news, saying Cage wasn’t in the movie (but maybe that’ll change later). Also, Fox Searchlight released a number of Hitchcock related things including, an international trailer, a featurette and a ton of new images. And documentary filmmaker Michael Moore took some time to weigh in on President Barack Obama‘s reelection. He wrote an open letter to the nation. All that and a lot more below–check it out!

  • Daniel Craig Talks Girl Who Played With Fire: Daniel Craig is just as clueless as we are about The Girl Who Played With Fire, the next installment in the Dragon Tattoo trilogy. At a press conference for Skyfall, Craig was asked about the movie and here’s what he said: “We’re waiting around, waiting for a script and all those things. Talk to the Sony people, they’re in charge.” You see. Clueless. Source: Collider (via /Film)
  • Mila Kunis To Produce 1970′s Feminist Drama: Deadline reports that Mila Kunis will be producing Meridian Hills, a drama at the CW. The show is set in a “boozy Midwest country club circa 1972, when the Equal Rights Amendment had just passed the Congress to begin a long and difficult process of state ratification.” The show follows a young married woman who joins the Junior League and discovers a group of “electric” young women who set out to change the system. Sounds interesting, though we’re a bit shocked that a network like the CW is backing this one up. 
  • Nic Cage Isn’t In The Expendables 3 After All: So all that news you’ve been hearing about Nicolas Cage being in the next Expendables movie is actually false. Sly Stallone told Deadline that he has no knowledge of Cage joining the movie. That could change, but for now, Cage hasn’t officially been cast.
  • Jodie Foster To Receive Lifetime Achievement Award: The awesome Jodie Foster is being awarded the Cecil B. DeMille Award for lifetime achievement. Here’s what Hollywood Foreign Press president Dr. Aida Takla O’Reilly said on Foster: “Jodie is a multifaceted woman that has achieved immeasurable amounts of success and will continue to do so in her career. Her ambition, exuberance and grace have helped pave the way for budding artists in this business. She’s truly one of a kind.” Congrats Jodie Foster. You deserve it! Source: Cinema Blend
  • Kristen Stewart May Focus With Ben Affleck: Kristen Stewart is in talks to join Focus, with Ben Affleck. According to Vulture, Focus is a romantic comedy, from Crazy, Stupid, Love. directors John Requa and Glenn Ficarra, about a “veteran grifter who partners with a girl who’s new to the life.” Stewart and Affleck in a romantic movie together? We can’t picture it, can you?
  • John Cusack Will Play Rush Limbaugh: John Cusack will play the lead in Rush, a biopic about the life of conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh. We don’t know about you, but can’t wait to see how his life translates to the big screen. He’s not the nicest guy. Source: Vulture
  • Cool Book Cases: Book cases are the coolest piece of furniture someone can have in their house. Why? Well because they provide a safe haven for tangible books. Unreality Magazine posted a gallery of some of the coolest bookshelves. Check it out.
  • Scary Movies To Watch On A Date (If You’re Not Into The Person): Unreality Magazine put together a list of scary movies to play on a first date, if you’re looking to scare someone away. In other words, check out their list if you want to get rid of someone. Their list includes titles like I Stand Alone, Trouble Every Day and Gummo.
  • Michael Moore Weighs In On President Obama’s Re-election: So there was an election this week and President Obama beat that other guy (by a lot). Anyway, documentary filmmaker Michael Moore had something to say about the results, and he wrote an open letter to his fellow Americans. Here’s a brief quote: “This country has truly changed, and I believe there will be no going back. Hate lost yesterday. This is amazing in and of itself. And all the women who were elected last night! A total rebuke of Neanderthal attitudes.” Check out the rest of his letter at AlterNet.


  • Buffalo Girl Trailer: Buffalo Girl is directed by Todd Kellstein and tells the brutal story of child boxers in Thailand. The film debuted at this year’s Slamdance. Check out the trailer below (we also have a poster):

  • New International Hitchcock Trailer and Featurette: Check out the new international trailer for Hitchcock, starring Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren as Hitch and his wife Alma. Also, check out a featurette on the film.


(via /Film)


  • Casual Batman Characters: Artist Michael Turner found a way to relax Batman characters. Check out one of his illustrations below (you can see the rest of them at The Curious Brain):

  • Buffalo Girl: Check out the poster for Buffalo Girl, the documentary on child boxing in Thailand. The film opens in New York City on Wednesday November 14th, and in Los Angeles on December 7th.

  •  New Hitchcock Images: Fox Searchlight released a bunch of new images of Hitchcock this week. The film tells the story of one of the most influential filmmakers of the last century. Hitchcock opens November 23rd. Check out the photos below:

That’s the end of our round-up for this week. Keep checking back at ScreenCrave for more entertainment news and features.

What are you excited for this week?