It’s fun trying to guess what next landmark or Disney attraction will get the green light for a film about, well, itself. Since the House of Mouse took a break from trying to transform one of their rides into a movie, it looks like Hollywood’s Magic Castle will be grabbing the establishment turned feature length motion picture spotlight with McG as director. That’s a sentence we didn’t think we’d read or write anytime soon.

So what is this Magic Castle movie all about? Details haven’t been released at the moment, but all we do know is that it’ll involve the famous Hollywood landmark. Since McG is set to direct it, well, we’re not sure what to expect out of the picture. For now we can guess what the story can be about. Maybe it focuses on early day magicians or we could see some stupidly comical movie centering on magicians in this day in age. The possibilities are nearly endless, but the only souls who really know what it’s about is the production’s screenwriters Andrew Barrer and Gabe Ferrari.

At the same time don’t expect for Magic Castle to begin filming anytime soon. McG still needs to film Three Days to Kill with Kevin Costner before he focuses his attention on the mystical. Let us not forget that McG came out earlier this year with the lackluster This Means War, so we’re not that terribly excited about what this director can dish out. We hope his future films are at least painless to sit through.

Are you a fan of McG’s work? Why or why not?

Source: Slashfilm