Because it’s a blockbuster film being released in 2013, of course Man of Steel is going to be post-converted into 3D and IMAX in order to hike up ticket prices.  Of course it is.

The news came via a press release from director Zack Snyder and studios Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures, which announced that despite the fact that Man of Steel, a reboot of the Superman franchise, was filmed in 2D and not in IMAX, the film would additionally be released in 3D, IMAX, and IMAX.  It’s a ploy typically used by studios in an effort to increase ticket prices to ensure a megabudget blockbuster doesn’t end up in the red.  Read what Snyder had to say:

“The film is going to be a visually exciting experience in all formats: 2D, 3D and IMAX. Anticipating how audiences today embrace 3D, we designed and photographed the movie in a way that would allow ‘Man of Steel‘ to captivate those movie goers, while respecting fans who prefer a more traditional cinematic experience. We’ve taken great measures to ensure the film and the story come first, and 3D is meant as an enhancement.”

While IMAX can be an exciting and invigorating addition to the cinematic experience, it’s less so with a film that is not designed or shot for IMAX (for example, compare The Dark Knight Rises to, say, everything else); moreover, 3D post-conversion is almost always a pointless and unnecessary exercise that adds very little to the theatrical enjoyment of a film, in my humble opinion.

We’ll all be able to decide if these are necessary additions, though, when Man of Steel premieres on June 14, 2013.

What do you think of the news?

Source: First Showing