It’s always kind of odd to see a former child star turn into a possible sex icon. It’s not like actress Alexa Vega has been shying away from the spotlight, but considering the last time most people have seen the actress was in the first couple of Spy Kids movies, she definitely has grown up a bit. Not much proof is needed aside from the brand new photo released out of Robert Rodriguez‘s latest movie Machete Kills. Yeah, it’s interesting to see this image to say the least.

Robert Rodriguez continues to try and pull forward with his own Mex-politation movies with Machete Kills, a sequel to the poorly critically received Machete. Since there were a number of cinematic bumps that came with the first movie, perhaps Rodriguez and company ironed out their mistakes in this sequel.

Danny Trejo comes back to play the soft spoken and violent Machete with a fantastical cast that includes Amber Heard, Sofía Vergara, Michelle Rodriguez, Mel Gibson and many others. Hey, you can’t say that Rodriguez doesn’t know how to put together one appealing cast, especially when it comes to women. Since this is an exploitation movie, which goes hand-in-hand with films of this caliber released back in the seventies, we should expect an even greater amount of skin and violence all in the name of equality.

American audiences should be getting a chance to check out Machete Kills when it blasts into theaters at some point in 2013. Now go ahead and get a good look at all-grown-up Alexa Vega below. And does anybody else think that her outfit slightly resembles that of Nancy’s in Sin City? Because it looks awfully similar.

Are you excited for Machete Kills?

Source: Cinema Blend