Les Miserables is one of a rare vanishing breed: a big budget, star studded Oscar Best Picture wannabe. For the last couple years the awards have been dominated by smaller, independent movies that are sold on their prestige, and a daring turn by an actor who was probably paid little money in the hopes of winning a golden statue. Not here. Nope, this is the big time.

Here you have stars like Russell Crowe, Hugh Jackman, Anne Hathaway, and more singing their hearts out and appearing one of the few hit Broadway shows yet to be turned into a movie. And though the story will be familiar to anyone who’s watched the film The Fugitive, it’s a compelling story of wrongful persecution and class struggle, and then there’s also big musical numbers. Here’s hoping it works on screen, and here’s that trailer:

The big question mark with the film is director Tom Hooper, who won the best director Oscar for The King’s Speech, but is still something of a novice. Perhaps like Sam Mendes, he was overpraised for his debut and reached too far with his follow up. And perhaps he’ll eventually direct a great James Bond film. We’ll know for sure when Les Miserables hits theaters December 25.

Do you think Anne Hathaway has good pipes?