With the shocking suicide of Tony Scott in August of this also came the sad reality that the director’s unique brand of hyperkinetic action would be gone from the big screen.  One such project that was in development at the time of this death was, of course, Top Gun 2, as well as a planned re-release of Top Gun in 3D (apparently Paramount thought there would be an audience for that?).  Now, following Scott’s tragic end, future plans for the Top Gun franchise are in disarray.

The New York Times (via First Showing) is reporting that after Scott’s suicide, any plans for a Top Gun sequel starring original star Tom Cruise “have fallen apart completely.”  Moreover, Paramount apparently “isn’t sure what to do” with the Top Gun 3D, or if they will even release it at all.

The movie studio is currently remaining mum on the project, thought First Showing notes that sources close to the project state that Top Gun 3D may possibly see a February 2013 release with an initial one-week exclusive IMAX run in the U.S.  The film has also been submitted to China to be vetted by censors for a possible overseas release.  And while Paramount is struggling not to be appear ghoulishly insensitive by profiting on one of Scott’s classics with a 3D rerelease, perhaps this can be seen as a tribute to an action film master’s work—one just wishes one of Scott’s fuller, better films was getting such special treatment.

What do you think of the Top Gun news?