We tend to hate on Hollywood studios because of the movie projects they choose to fund (Transformers 4, anyone?). So much of typical Hollywood product tends to be huge, expensive spectacles with little-to-no story, heavy special effects and poor acting. So, we at ScreenCrave have decided to help jump behind the indie film. Every week we’ll be bring you the Indie Fundraiser Roundup in which we feature projects seen on sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo that need our help. Check out this week’s picks below.

  • Drink: Inspired by shows like The Twilight Zone and The X-Files, Emily Moss Wilson‘s Drink tells the story of a mother and her two sons as they flee their home in the middle of the night days before Thanksgiving. The family arrives at an old desert motel (think Psycho) where strange things begin to happen that could potentially send one person down a path of freedom or insanity. Wilson has worked on a number of projects, and now she’s putting all of her knowledge into this project. Check out this sci-fi cautionary tale at Kickstarter.
  • Jason Bateman Thinks I’m Dead: The bronies are backing this one, so we are too. TV writer Amy Keating directed a documentary called Jason Basteman Thinks I’m Dead. The gist of her film is this: Back in 1978, a young Jason Bateman smooched on Amy Keating. Then after Keating was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor, Bateman thought she was dead, but later learned that she was alive. Her documentary follows her as she tries to find the Arrested Development superstar and let him know that she’s not dead. It’s a goofy idea, but we’re digging Keatin’s theme song. It’s all very catchy. Check out her project at Kickstarter.
  • Real Heroes: Superheroes are all the rage right now, and director Keith Hartman knows it. His film, Real Heroes, is a comedy about B-string superheroes who go on a reality TV show to promote their careers. This is not the story of Superman, Batman or Wonder Women, but instead lesser known superheroes hoping to hit the big time. Why else do people go on reality TV shows? The movie has been shot, but needs funds to survive post production. If you like quirky, indie movies, check this one out at Kickstarter.

Pick of the Week:

  • Prospect: The filmmakers of Prospect are trying to create a world that doesn’t exist. Their film is a coming-of-age tale about a teenage girl and her father who are on a foreign planet, hunting for resin (a byproduct of rare insects). When the young girl’s father is attacked, she is forced to grow up and take revenge into her own hands. In their campaign video, the filmmakers mention that 2001, Blade Runner and the original Star Wars are the inspiration for this film. They are not relying on digital effects, and need funding to get real props and costumes. There’s some test footage in their video that looks absolutely amazing. Their film is set in the beautiful Hoh Rainforest in Washington. Check out the Prospect campaign page at Kickstarter.

Those are the projects we have for you this week. Be sure to check back every week for our Indie Fundraiser Roundup–helping you help indie cinema.

Which of these projects interests you? Got one we missed?