Though Craig Brewer has long been attached, it looks like Warner Brothers thinks Tarzan could make for a franchise, as they’ve hired David Yates (late of the last four Harry Potter films) to direct a new version, and the names that are already circulating for the lead include Tom Hardy, Charlie Hunnam, Henry Cavill, and Alexander Skarsgård.

This comes from Vulture, who note that Hardy is more someone that the studio wants, but isn’t as on board as the other three. With Cavill likely booked up with any future Superman-based projects (meaning Justice League in 2015) that leaves Hunnam and Skarsgård the more likely candidates. So, if this list is accurate, and with Hunnam coming off of Warner Brother’s Pacific Rim, we’d put money on Hunnam.

Tarzan has long been an interesting but troubled franchise. Back in the 1930′s it was a huge film franchise that spawned five sequels, and the character was also quite popular on television. But in the 1980′s, he inspired two versions, one with Bo Derek, the other a more classy retelling called Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, and the two killed interest until Disney turned him into an animated character in 1999. That worked. The problem is that the story, with its Edgar Rice Burrough’s basis, is horribly dated and vaguely – though not directly – racist. Which is why Craig Brewer seemed an excellent choice for the material, as either he would know how to skirt it or face it head on. With Yates this sounds slightly more Greystoke-like. But we shall see.

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