One of the best parts of this summer’s Pixar film Brave was the short film La Luna, which was paired with the animated feature. Having a short film before the main feature has been a part of Pixar’s modus operandi for a while now, but it seems to be embraced by most animated studios, which means we’re in a new renaissance for animated shorts. La Luna would surely be one of the film contending for best animated short this year if it hadn’t been nominated (and lost) last year.

And this is nothing if not charming; a nice slice of whimsy. One of the great things about animated shorts is that – other than last year’s best picture winner The Artist – they’re also the only form that seems to allow for silent cinema. And telling a story wordlessly is still one of the greatest challenges of cinema. Which is why – when it works – it’s pretty awesome. Here’s the short:

Also it’s election day here in America, and anything this nice and charming that can take your mind off the fate of the nation isn’t the worst thing in the world. La Luna will be appearing on the upcoming release of Brave on DVD and Blu-ray, and will also be a part of an upcoming collection of Pixar short films.

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