In news sure to blow out the cerebral cortex of every Star Wars fan who reads it, Harrison Ford—yeah, the guy who said he’d never return to the Star Wars franchise—is apparently open to returning to the recently announced Star Wars sequel trilogy.  There are a few conditions, though.  Read on for more.

/Film picked up on the news, in which EW spoke to a source close to the situation.  And, according to this source, Ford is “open to the idea” of returning to his iconic Han Solo character, which he had previously said he’d never do.  The source went so far as to note that Ford is “upbeat about it,” which is interesting, as it’s hard to imagine the notoriously taciturn Ford upbeat about anything.  But hey, we’ll take it.

That said, there are a few caveats in place—mainly, according to the source, having to do with the fact that Ford would not commit to any Stars Wars sequel until he got a look at the script and had a meeting with the director (rumor currently has it that Matthew Vaughn may be up for the job).  And perhaps most telling: Ford would only return if he “probably got a juicy death scene.”

So there you have, Star Wars fans.  Commence head explosions now.

What do you think of the Star Wars news?

Source:  /Film