After an impromptu break due to Hurricane Sandy, How I Met Your Mother  is back. “The Autumn of Break-Ups,” saw the end of another relationship, and created anticipation for the future. We were quickly reminded of how great the show can be when almost everyone’s at the top of their game.

The Players:

Episode Title: “The Autumn of Break-Ups”

As the season of break ups continues, Ted enlists the help of Lily and Marshall to judge his relationship’s future. Meanwhile, Rob worries about Barney thanks to his new Wingman — Brover the dog.

The Good:

  • Oprah and Gail: For the Erikson’s first story of the season that didn’t center around Marvin, they did well. They’re shtick reminded viewers why they’re the best couple on the show. The slightly more feminine Lily, also known as Marshall, was great even if his inner goddess was a bit off the mark. It’s tough to choose which was funnier, they’re snapping in union or Marshall’s terrible advice. 
  • Clock Un-Paused: It’s no surprise that Ted could throw together a tender proposal in a few hours; romance has always been his forte.  The union was doomed the moment Victoria interrupted the touching moment to address the Robin Roadblock. It was obvious Ted wasn’t going to walk away from his friendship with the former Ms. Sparkles, but the storyline still managed to be dramatic and engaging. Somehow the writers managed to evoke old whispers of a Ted/Robin reunion. But we all know she’ll eventually attempt to wed Barney. It should have been annoying, but instead it added to the season’s suspense.

The So-So:

  • Respect: As funny as the idea of Barney having a canine wingman is, the plot was barely noteworthy. At least it paid tribute to the fact that Robin is and always has been the best wingman and bro. It’s easy to see why Barney and Robin are on their way to reconciliation. We just have to wait for the sparks to fly.
  • The Bad Boy Chef: The fact that the season of breakups hasn’t come to a close is comforting. Nick has lost all the appeal of his original appearance. At this point, the most anyone can hope is for the relationship to disintegrate in an amusing manner.

The Quotable:

  • “No 32-year-old woman is happy taking things slow. Trust me, Victoria’s got friends from high school posting pictures of second babies on Facebook, and you think girlfriend’s like, ‘Let’s just bone a bunch so I’m another year older and still single,’ Bitch please.”
  • “You better make sure he has a ticket, because it’s all aboard the chow chow train.”
  • “Robin’s the deep dark pit where our relationship goes to die. But the nicest girl, salt of the earth.”
  • “Oh my gosh, who’s ready to nosh?”
  • “Who’s popping a chub for some grub?”
  • “Who’s ready to eat my meat?”
  • “They’re going to be bon ape-sweet.”


Marshall and Lily’s first foray without Marvin was highly enjoyable. And hinting at a Robin/Barney reunion also worked out well. The only way to improve would be to ensure that everyone’s plot is significant. No weak links!

Rating: 8/10

How I Met Your Mother airs Monday nights at 8:00 p.m. on CBS.

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