It appears that everything is coming up Millhouse for screenwriter Max Landis within this past year. First he got all sorts of acclaim for his work on the surprise hit Chronicle, now he’ll be sitting in the director’s chair fairly soon. He just signed up to make his directorial debut on Me Him Her, which sounds a bit more intriguing than the title implies.

What’s the best way to describe this movie that pretty much popped out of the blue? Well Landis calls it Reality Bites on acid.” That’s one hell of a way to sell your movie, but the story is essentially about three twenty-somethings where one of them is in the midst of finding their own sexuality. There will be plenty of other themes that go hand-in-hand with the self-discovery story that Me Him Her sounds like it’ll be but we wonder how exactly said person will be swimming through the choppy waters known as sexuality. Casting for said movie is currently going on, but who knows who’ll be part of the film. We hope that it’s a number of unknowns.It’s always such a delight to see fresh talent spread their wings onscreen. Filming for Me Him Her will commence early next year.

Obviously when you’re a known name such as Max Landis is, this isn’t the only project that you have tucked up your sleeve. The bouncy individual has his hands in Chronicle 2, a Frankenstein project and a couple of other comedies. Well, you can’t say the guy doesn’t know how to manage his time.

Would you be interested in seeing Me Him Her when it’s released?

Source: Cinema Blend