It’s going to be a long wait until 2015, when Star Wars: Episode VII finally hits screens, and part of what will make it such a slog is suffering through all the tidbits and casting rumors that will leak from now until then.The latest and biggest rumor is that Matthew Vaughn will be the director of the next chapter of Star Wars.

This comes from Collider, and it does make some sense. Vaughn recently and seemingly abruptly left the X-Men First Class sequel Days of Future Past, and Vaughn is considered something of a hot property so it would make sense for him to leave a project for something bigger and better. And considering the  timeline of the new episode, it’s more than likely that Disney – who recently bought Lucasfilm from George Lucas – already has someone in mind to take over the reigns. This rumor could not be confirmed by Collider, but in terms of educated guesses/rumors, it’s a strong one.

But – and please keep this in mind for the next couple years – there’s going to be a lot of rumoring and theories and all that stuff from now until release if the hype and misinformation around the Prequel Trilogy is any indicator. Unless it is announced very publicly, expect rumors of Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher ‘s involvement in some capacity until people actually see the films. Expect a lot of dumb.

Do you think Matthew Vaughn is a good pick?