The first two film’s in Edgar Wright’s ‘Cornetto’ trilogy (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz) have been wickedly funny satires of film genres that simultaneously become films of those genres (specifically, zombie films and buddy cop movies)—which is why we’re so excited for the third and final film of the trilogy, The World’s End.  Little is known about the film, but some interesting details leaked this weekend, including the possibility of a dancing zombie musical number.  Curious?  Read on.

The plot of The World’s End concerns a group of friends who reunite 20 years after they first attempted a massive pub crawl, and now one of the friends is determined to finally complete the drinking marathon by hitting the final bar on the crawl: The World’s End.  While this is happening, a devastating event takes place (rumor has it that it will involve an alien invasion), that may bring about the end of the world.

And while that’s all rather vague, Total Film did some digging this weekend and came up with a few tidbits.  First up, actor Thomas Matthews tweeted the following:

“1st day filming The World’s End…Suitably heading for Zone 8….Have no idea what I’ll be asked to do but everyone else learning dance routine. Exciting.”

Following that, actress Courtney Cornfield also took to Twitter to drop even more details:

“Just had a wardrobe fitting for The World’s End #dancingzombie #simonpegg…Just waiting to hear where and what time this zombie is required on set…All geared up to be a dancing zombie. Filming the World’s End this week #cornetto”

So, put that together and what do you have?  An alien invasion film…with zombie dancing?  If so, that sounds about right for an Edgar Wright film.

What do you think of the Wright film news?

Source: Total Film