Diablo Cody‘s quirky dialogue is making its way back into television. The creator behind Showtime’s short-lived series United States Of Tara just sold a cross-generational romantic comedy sitcom to ABC. Cody’s moving to primetime ya’ll!

Cody’s show, titled Alex + Amy, will follow the romantic ventures between “an ambitious 22-year-old Millennial guy and a 32-year-old Gen X woman who have just moved in together and are very much in love.” The show will be produced by Warner Bros. TV and Amblin Entertainment’s Justin Falvey and Darryl Frank, along with Cody and her manager Mason Novick.

Cody’s last TV project United States Of Tara, which starred Toni Collette as a suburban housewife and mother with multiple personalities, lasted only three seasons. The show garnered a lot of praise, mainly due to Collette’s performance as Tara Gregson. But despite the critics’ approval and numerous Emmy wins, Showtime cancelled the show in May 2011.

Cody’s previous works, including Juno and Young Adult, should be indications of what Alex + Amy will be – tons of pop culture references (spanning over two generations), witty banter, and unusual set pieces like hamburger phones and Jiffy Lube receipts. Can a show by Cody survive on primetime TV? Is America ready for this? ABC seems to think so.

Are you looking forward to Alex + Amy?

Source: EW