Wes Anderson finally let some plot details slip on The Grand Budapest Hotel. He told a Los Angeles newspaper that his film will mostly be set during the late 1920s. It’s not a lot of information, but it’s more than we knew before. And Anderson finally cast his female lead. Hint: She’s very young, and very talented. We also have the first teaser poster for The Wolverine. All that and a lot more below–check it out!

  • Tim Burton Is A Fatist: Film School Reject‘s writer Jack Giroux recently discovered that Tim Burton might be a fatist. He wrote an article giving 10 examples of Tim Burton hating on the “horizontally-challenged.” 
  • Plot Details On Grand Budapest Hotel, Young Actress Joins Cast: Wes Anderson revealed some minor plot details about his upcoming movie The Grand Budapest Hotel. He told the L.A. Times that the film will mostly take place about 85 years ago, during the late 1920s. He also said, “And it’s kind of European… a bit inspired partly by Hollywood Europe, and also by some European writers around that time.” And in other Budapest news, Saoirse Ronan has been cast as the film’s female lead. Source: Vulture
  • Five Worrisome Things About The Disney Takeover of Star Wars: Unreality Magazine‘s David R is skeptical about Disney’s takeover of Star Wars, like a lot of people. But he decided to write out the five things he’s worried about when it comes to Episodes VII, VIII, and IX. Check it out.
  • John Carpenter Limited Edition Posters Up For Auction: Halloween is over, but if you’re still looking for a good scare, you can go ahead and check out John Carpenter‘s Halloween, which is back in theaters right now. Also, The Humane Society of the United States has been chosen by Carpenter himself, to benefit from a new collection of limited edition posters, autographed by the director. There are 11 posters from the collection, up for auction on Ebay, and you can check those out there. The auction ends November 9th.


  • Teaser Poster For The Wolverine: 20th Century Fox revealed the first official teaser poster for James Mangold‘s The Wolverine, set to hit theaters July 26, 2013. Wolverine is basically faceless here, but still, the poster is pretty awesome. Check it out:

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