Remember a couple of months back, how we heard that Jon Favreau was moving forward with a Jersey Boys musical? It sounded like quite a nice combination, and for them to do an open casting call on all of the main characters was an even bolder choice. This production was already standing out for many in a big way. It’s just too bad that it may just fall to pieces before it can even really lift itself off the ground.

Recently the Jersey Boys movie moved over from Sony Pictures over to Warner Bros, but due to that shift a new bushel of problems have hit the production. It’s been deemed to be in turnaround, which means either it’ll land in the laps of another studio or stay in pre-production limbo. We definitely don’t want the latter to happen, but it may be near unavoidable for the project.

Surely Jersey Boys sounds familiar, because it does happen to be that one hit Broadway play based off of the true story of the musical band Franki Valley and the Four Seasons. The play has been making waves, touring across the country and capturing everyone’s attention since 2005. It was inevitable that it would be turned around into a feature film. At the same time we were excited to see how Farveau would handle it. He’s always been a fun director to follow, minus Cowboys & Aliens. We hope this pulls out of limbo because we’re curious to see who would get cast in these roles. That and I may have a friend or two who applied to the open casting call.

Would you still like to see a Jersey Boys movie?

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