It seems everyone wants to get in on the superhero team-up genre, now that The Avengers made such a film genre an insanely lucrative project.  While Marvel is setting up The Avengers 2, and Warner Bros. is hard at work putting together a Justice League film that will feature Superman, Batman and more, Guillermo del Toro is apparently pushing for his own brand of superhero team-up: a “Justice League for monsters” film.

And by monsters, we mean the comic book kind—specifically, such DC Comics monstrosities as Swamp Thing, Deadman, Phantom Stranger, and John Constantine, all characters which would fit nicely into Del Toro’s quirky sci-fi-fantasy-horror wheelhouse.  That’s right: rumor has it (according to Latino Review by way of Cinema Blend) that del Toro is in talks with Warner Bros. (who own the film rights to DC Comics) about making a film about the more monstrous heroes of the DC world teaming up to battle evil, and that an “enthusiastic” Warner Bros. is “working every night” to clear and secure the rights to each of the characters.

While this sounds rather excited—and the characters seem tailor-made for del Toro’s strangle cinematic universe—del Toro is the kind of guy who seems to be bursting with about 50 or 60 amazing film ideas a day, but hasn’t directed a film since 2008’s Hellboy II (his next film, Pacific Rim, is due next year).  So we’ll take this news with cautious optimism for now.

What do you think of the del Toro news?